A Geography of Solitude


“More often than not, I meet certain ‘moments’.
The ‘moments’ are so unfamiliar, and that ‘unfamiliar’ is, to me, so familiar.”

Gi, Hyeong-do

Photography is a voyage into myself.
Traveling into myself means that I am forced to face my own loneliness. These photographs are pieces of a map that can be pieced together, each representing my solitude through the viewfinder of a camera.

When I am out on the street with a camera, I stand alone from the world belongs to the past, becoming a small shadow that prowls the streets. I sense my presence by looking at my reflection on display windows, just like a stranger.

The soaring skyscrapers reflect light over and over. By doing so, they embrace a lot of grey cold faces of people with complicated lightings that are very subtle and soft.
On the concrete, a large number of people play stuffy chords improvisation by fast tempos, just like Bebop Jazz by brushing each other. I listen to music carefully as an audience. I also join them to play the improvisation together. Shortly after, they disappear in many ways. There is nothing but a residue after every song left. The rendition is short, but emptiness remains for a long time. 

New York is not only a very crowded place but also lonely at the same time. It is not easy for everyone to survive in the city. Abnormal becomes normal. Normal becomes abnormal. Uncanny becomes a part of our lives. Even someone goes through the length of drinking dirty stagnant water by the roadside to survive. While he looks at the reflection of the sky and himself on the surface of a dirty water, he dreams of someday flying up into the sky by himself.

I capture a moment of a split second in the three-dimensional world and make the real world become a two-dimensional world where time had stopped on a flat piece of paper. That is the way that I make relationships with every subject in my photographs. Through the relationships, I find my ways throughout the journey. I could meet a damp fog in a blue evening and get lost. However, I would take a step forward fearlessly and will never stop. This is my project.